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Shakespeare in the Schools

Every other fall, in collaboration with USD Theatre, the South Dakota Shakespeare Festival sends a Shakespeare tour to high schools throughout eastern South Dakota. The touring group has traveled to Wagner High School, Flandreau Public School, Flandreau Indian School, and Minnehaha Juvenile Detention Center, and engages over 200 South Dakota high school students and 14 USD Theatre student with live theatre arts, during each tour cycle. The tour features scenes from plays in the schools' curricula, Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, and Macbeth, and includes theatre workshops on topics such as Acting, Shakespeare, Elizabethan Costuming, and Stage Combat, alongside cultural exchange programming. The tour is supported with a grant from USD’s Center for Academic and Global Engagement (CAGE), matched by funds from USD Theatre, and the South Dakota Shakespeare Festival. 

USD students with FIS students in regalia
Sophomore students form the audience at Wagner HS
Acting Workshop at Wagner High School
Not Your Momma's Shakespeare gets Wagner HS students on their feet
Not Your Momma's Shakespeare Cast outside of Mr. Bien's office
Words, Words, Words Workshop at Wagner
Words, Words, Words at Wagner
Costuming Workshop at Wagner High School, Hamlet
Acting Workshop at Wagner
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